Romina at piano

Streaming on Spotify and Deezer

Elevation is now streaming on most major streaming platforms. Many of the albums tracks are a great adds to uplifting get your groove on playlists while others lend themselves to moodier, dubbier and more experimental collections. For those who want to own the real deal the entire album Elevation is available for free download on Bandcamp. Stream on Soundcloud, GooglePlay, Deezer, Jango, & Spotify Download:

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Record close-up

Digital Streams

Seeking digital streams where content and community come together, over the past few months  The Beatrix Generation has become available on different streaming sites; Jango, LastFM and Earbits as well as the Hip Hop  leaning, but open to new electronica, Audio Mack. These one-stop audio drops offer free and premium streaming services that let you hear the latest independent music no matter the genre.

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World Music Media Center

It’s come to it at last, true on demand streaming world music concerts and interviews. Through the convenience of modern day widget power, this 400 pixel embed offers a handy audio companion for the global surfer. Get the World Music Media Center widget and many other great free widgets at Widgetbox!

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