Alice Coltrane Turiyangitananda Cover

The Ecstatic Music of Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda

Yogic-minded jazz lovers, and Alice Coltrane fans alike should feel blessed by her sonic sojourns into bluesy, psychedelic jazz ragas. True to Alice Coltrane form, this collection is soulful and deep, reflecting cosmic and spiritual energy of the artist and her legacy. More Alice Coltrane: Downloads: Essential albums recommendation:

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Romina at tables

Hypno Techno Playlist

Driving heartbeat propulsion and minimal techno delights pulled together for a Hypno Techno playlist with weekly additions on Spotify.

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Jazz Bass

Coffee And Jazz Online Playlist

Sliding in on the skim of a drum stick or arriving on a jingle of a high hat, the Coffee and Jazz Playlist provides a caffeinated groove with just the right amount of sonic sugar and spice. Hovering between mid and downtempo beats, it’s perfect for cafe background that demands toe taps in bustling spaces.

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Romina at piano

Streaming on Spotify and Deezer

Elevation is now streaming on most major streaming platforms. Many of the albums tracks are a great adds to uplifting get your groove on playlists while others lend themselves to moodier, dubbier and more experimental collections. For those who want to own the real deal the entire album Elevation is available for free download on Bandcamp. Stream on Soundcloud, GooglePlay, Deezer, Jango, & Spotify Download:

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