Romina Jones

Organic electronica

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Seeking sounds from around the world, I have always collected music. I have been especially drawn to the fusion of the organic and electronic. Living in the UK during the early nineties placed rave culture and techno music deep into my mental mix, and thru travelling the world I have seen it interweave with global sounds and flourish in all places.

While getting my degree in Anthropology, I focused on culture and technology, and during that time put my musical passion to pen writing electronica reviews for Canada’s Exclaim! Magazine. At the same time, under the moniker, DJ Andabeat, I played clubs, festivals and parties in Western Canada. As a result, I have explored a plethora of independent electronica, and it continues to be a genre that opens my mind with its innovation, and diversity.

While making a home and studio for myself on the west coast, I have released two solo electronica albums: The Beatrix Generation and Elevation which weave the organic and digital into both retro and futuristic sounds. When not working on my own projects both in the studio and in the garden, I share my playlists and latest entertainment finds here on Spinning Drum.