Don Vebrilli gets fuzzy in Financiers of Samsara, with solid round bass and bittersweet melodies perfectly cushioned on soft guitar riffs and echoey piano samples. Thematic and melodic, The Financiers of Samsara is groove-friendly chillout. “Poolgazing’s” broken beats and vocal drifts and “Hydrofable’s” headnodding house do raise the tempo a bit, but for the most part The Financiers of Samsara leans heavily on its mellowing atmospherics, which steady the lazy guitar of “That Was The Day” and engulf the spoken word samples and live drums of “Snakecharmer.” The CD winds down slow and sultry, gliding out on the languid shuffle of “Coral Cities” and evaporating into the spacious ambience of “Enchantress.”
Upstairs Recordings