Travelers – Series Review

Watching Travellers on Netflix reminds me how much I like Canadian-made SciFi. Like Continuum another Vancouver shot show, Travellers offers up a time travel tale for adults. It’s got a smart premise that allows it to sidestep the weight of a high budget to do the story well. In fact, less tech heavy and cgi dependent scifi by nature is forced away from big set pieces & high budget vfx & the real meat and potatoes must come from character & story development. Does it lead to some convoluted plots yes but Canadia scifi slow-burn, Canadian SciFi makes you feel like you earned every twist along the way. 

While travelers can fall into typical tv tropes at times, what I like the most is they usually build to & climax in existential crisis rather than large gun battles or extravagant action scenes. Continuum had best scifi series “bad guy” vs “good guy” climax ever. You have those things but they are foreplay to huge philosophical questions that characters discuss on screen. Typically stories unravel very slowly so you have to stick with it but often they leave a longer-lasting impression. 

Cast is solid with them increasingly growing on you as each actor has the character balance his body snatch role and from the future pressures. 

If you’re looking for a winter SciFi series to get into try Travelers. It’s homegrown and gets better and better as it goes along. It’s done in 3 seasons.BTW the electronica score by Adam Lastiwka is excellent and available on Bandcamp and on Spotify.