Final Debate of the 2016 US Election – most defining moment

Watching Hillary Rodham Clinton stand up and defend women’s right to choose in-front of her nation, and to some extent the entire world, was one of the most powerful moments for me this US election. That she did so in-front of a man who was clamoring for the power to punish women for having abortions made this a defining moment in my living history.

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Map of voting by race

Things Not At Stake

When I come to white progressive liberal spaces like my feed on Facebook, I hear mostly fantasy politics. I hear all the reborn third-party advocates who get to debate and philosophize about a better tomorrow, while basking in the luxury of completely being able to ignore what is being asked of them today. Those who I once thought would have been my allies I see are not. They are all about their blindingly bright white ideals that need not bend to any timeline-based reality. A few others just pull their tin-foil hat on tighter and claim it all a charade because the persecution of minorities is a TV special to them. They have no idea these threats are real. These threats, which come in a …

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I Will Remember

I will remember the ones who took the time and energy to stand up and defend Women, Muslims, Latinx, LGBT and African Americans from direct attack – not from attack from ill-thought out policy or shifty back room behavior of which every single politician is guilty because it is systemic, not from attack that is a child ignorance from all the hard facts that lay on the table, but from direct and explicit attack made right in front of their face. Seeing people who brush off the direct persecution of minorities made explicit by not just the leader but by his supporters, lets me know who will never have my back. I will remember those who will not put minorities further at risk, and I …

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Empty Locker Room

You Can Get Fired For It But Still Run for President

So projection writ large – the guy who accuses Mexicans of being rapist and worried about transgender people groping others in bathrooms brags about doing exactly the same thing; however, not just in the cramped stalls of public restrooms but anywhere he pleases because, after-all, he is a rich and powerful man. To many admitting to something, which in the eyes of the law is no less than sexual assault, is not quite yet the straw that will break the camel’s back. Boasting about kissing women and  grabbing their genitals, regardless of consent, is apparently not a disqualifying behavior for Trump’s White House bid. While TV broadcaster <a href=”″ target=”_blank”>NBC showed considerably higher standards for their employees</a> than the GOP does for presidential candidates, scorned …

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