The One Who Got Away

“I think I must be crazy, I’m so happy.”
– The tale of Slomo, the one who got away.

The New York Times has been pumping out web shorts they call “Op-Docs on their You Tube channel lately. Beautifully filmed and covering a wide range of people and ideas, some of them are setting the stage for longer docs to come while others are just simple yet insightful New York slices of life. In addition to the mini docs the channel regularly serves up a wide range of content: world news bytes, recipes, tech reviews and street fashion editorials. While I have never read the paper in my life, I can only imagine it is a reflection of the print vehicle that has earned it such high-esteem over the past few decades. Shifting into the online space, one which is so driven by video, The New York Times has done an impressive job of adapting to the medium and turned its brand from being what I considered a far away irrelevant newspaper to a You Tube feed highlight with a global outlook that connects with my current interests as well as sparked new ones. Having wet my appetite with their cultural lens, I’m already thinking about when I can orchestrate a trip to this legendary urban destination.

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