Hemlock-Grove on Netflix

Hemlock Grove: Silly, Gory, Netflix Filler

The last thing I was looking to watch was another vampire or werewolf drama but there was something about the Twin Peaks meets True Blood set-up, alongside the scare powered production credentials of horror director/actor/producer Eli Roth, that made me curious about Hemlock Grove. All twelve episodes of season one dropped April 2013 on NetFlix but in my world though it failed to net any of the buzz of say House of Cards or Orange is the New Black, I discovered Hemlock Grove long after the fact but it seems just in time before season two. Lack of an instantaneous fandom is not necessarily an immediate reflection on the quality of a show. It’s all too easy to get lost in the binge watching shuffle …

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True Blood Banner

True Blood Season 4 Recap

Ok It’s done. The guessing and spoiling is over for another 9 months leaving us with only a serious fangover and an unprecedented post season body count. True Blood Season 4 was bat shit crazy even more than Season 3, the timeline of such memorables as jar of Talbot and spine ripping TV. So now post Season 4 finale whether you were calling for a Scream award or thought the whole thing blew chances are you’re about to embark on 9 months of TB withdrawal. Yup even the haters feel its absence. So let’s savor the moment in a post finale look at the best and worst of True Blood Season 4 THE BIGGEST THANK GOD MOMENT: Wee Marcus and gang finally putting Tommy and …

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