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Mirrors – Audio Drama Review

A ghost story that slowly evolves into a compelling sci-fi, Mirrors is a limited series that tells the story of three women across different times and places who are connected through strange sightings. While things start spooky it doesn’t stay in that camp too long. That’s no knock against it as some pretty great sci-fi emerges. Taking some unexpected turns while keeping its mystery going, we do get answers at a good pace while more questions arise until its resolution, which left me well satisfied. Despite a suitably low key sound design and a relatively large array of characters. Mirrors is able to funnel a big story through just three narrators. Some performances are stronger than others; however, its well-paced plot and each character’s definitive arc …

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Out Of Place Thumbnail for audio drama. Man walking in centre of a pyramid

Out Of Place – Audio Drama Review

I went in knowing very little about Out Of Place other than the audio drama’s short introductory blurb, and I’m glad I did. First off, I would recommend to stop here and to start listening with little more than that as well. Comeback when done, and whatever flaws you might find I highly doubt you’ll be sorry for hitting play. If you are one who needs more to embark on the two seasons released, I’ll flesh out the bare bones of its clever premise that starts small but steadily expands through some dark sci-fi material. Its unnerving narrative begins in an understated way through the audio logs of archivist Andrew Moss. Through his cataloguing of strange artefacts that come his way, artefacts that seem “out …

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Infinite Bookcover

Infinite Audiobook Review

An imaginative rollercoaster ride of a boys-own-adventure in space but with an adult man, who has a particular condition and has found himself in a very unfortunate situation. With Infinite the less you know going in the better. Abandon yourself to every story-crest surprise and be willing to see your ticket out till the end of the ride. Narrator R.C.Bray, pumps just the right amount of energy into the story’s 1st-person narration, and while this is not heavy material it doesn’t shy from sci-fi’s classic existential questions or horrifying otherworldly ideas. There is a playful mischief to Infinite that made it the exact tone I needed coming off some heavier sci-fi reading. It struck the perfect balance of action and adventure without a hurried pace …

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Travelers – Series Review

Watching Travellers on Netflix reminds me how much I like Canadian-made SciFi. Like Continuum another Vancouver shot show, Travellers offers up a time travel tale for adults. It’s got a smart premise that allows it to sidestep the weight of a high budget to do the story well. In fact, less tech heavy and cgi dependent scifi by nature is forced away from big set pieces & high budget vfx & the real meat and potatoes must come from character & story development. Does it lead to some convoluted plots yes but Canadia scifi slow-burn, Canadian SciFi makes you feel like you earned every twist along the way.  While travelers can fall into typical tv tropes at times, what I like the most is they …

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