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Game of Thrones: Best Review, Recap and Rewind Shows Online

It’s already mid season for Game Of Thrones and we are starting to feel the injustice of a finale all too near. But we don’t come to TV for justice but rousing entertainment which Game of Thrones Season Four delivers on all fronts for a hungry fan base. And that fan base can match the production with just as creative appreciation, which is why I am listing my top Game of Thrones Web Review and Recap shows for 2014 What The Flick What The Flick rises from what would have been a mere honorable mention last year, with their too-short ten minute reviews, to this year being at the top of the list with their forty minute plus recaps. It’s really almost as long as …

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Listening To Spring

As the winds of March have blown through to April’s showers my indoor studio time winds down. Before I depart to embrace the sunlight of spring I wanted to share and pay due to the uptempo and downtempo releases that have been audio company for the last few weeks.

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A follow-up to his The Intergalactic Slapstick full-length, the Steel Trap EP has Liquid Stranger (aka Martin Stääf) putting the emphasis back on to the dub in dub-step. It really is in the balance between the two where Liquid Stranger excels. Steel Trap EP, featuring two remixes and three new tracks, cleanly blends plenty of old school effects and samples with all the heavy-weight woofer dub-step can offer. The bass-centric clarity and originality of his mixes are what’s earning Liquid Stranger the Mad Professor comparisons, and likewise through all the low frequency force, found in serious amplitude in “Aftershock,” Steel Trap’s reggae roots are what remain front and centre – the mainstay in fact of “Deep Down Below” and “Rough Road.” The EP wraps up …

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RODUX – Iron Fan EP

Sounding like christmas on the club floor, the expansive and ultra energetic quality of “Rodux’s “ Iron Fan” exudes a thickly layered tech-house tribalism that’s kept within the minimal genre by its underlying dubby throb. While “Iron Fan’s” big room bounce is unbreakable, this EP sports 4 remixes in which each producer takes a decidedly different turn. The first from Rodux himself strips the track down to a chunky tech-house gallop. Joe Silva gets it down to hard-edged techno basics, and Edgar De Ramon funkifies and hammers away in a progressive tech-house stomper. Chris Fortier brings on the after-party version, which smoothly lightens the whole track up while at the same time most closely resembles the original, and Rodux winds it all down with the …

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