She Who Shall Not Be Named

I normally refrain from using celebrity names in the headlines of my posts. I don’t tweet them, don’t pin them; they are not in my feed. Not saying I don’t enjoy popular culture or am aware of who’s making the news. I just don’t want to add to the mind-numbing buzz that keeps superfluous information on the front-lines of the attention wars.

Bad behavior doesn’t need promotional help from me. Sure, I like talking entertainment. I am interested in Hollywood business and I don’t mind poking a bit of fun at well-known figures. To me media matters but when it gets nonsensical, mean, and downright pointless, I bow out. I simply believe we have much greater things to talk about than celebrity rap sheets. I am under no illusions. however, as to being a voice in the wilderness. It’s a rare blogger that can pass up the SEO honey of using celebrity misfortune clickbait.

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