Mylie Monroe

She Who Shall Not Be Named

I refrain from using celebrity names in the headlines of my posts. I don’t tweet them. I don’t pin them. They are not in my feed. Not saying I don’t love popular culture or are aware of who’s making the news. I just don’t want to add to the mind-numbing buzz that keeps superfluous information on the front-lines of the attention wars. Bad behavior doesn’t need promotional help from me. Sure, I like talking entertainment. I am interested in Hollywood business and I don’t mind poking a bit of fun at well known figures. To me media matters but when it gets nonsensical, mean and downright pointless, I bow out from repeating the conversation. I simply believe we have much greater things to talk about …

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No Scams here

Debunking Debunkers and is Oil-Pulling Good For You

In reaction to the endless hoax headlines of 2013, Buzzfeed’s Charlie Warzel writes, “The ‘Hoax Economy’ gives way to a new breed of fact checking.” 2014 is the year of the debunk. No, there isn’t ship of rats floating towards Britain, no giant snakes swallowing people whole, and no Brian Cransten was not cast as Lex Luther in the upcoming Superman. False news stories for many years have been a mainstay of online infotainment, and very few of us with a Facebook feed have not been on the receiving end of a correction or two while spreading unfounded news. Social media had turned citizens into journalists but amateurs ones at best, and in attempt to even out our cynicism and our gullibility, sites like Snopes …

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