Moonlight Must See

They’re right. Moonlight is a masterpiece. It starts out small but compelling and with each mounting scene reveals a true mastery of film-making and story-telling technique. Director, Barry Jenkins, behind the camera is maestro-like, conducting a beautiful and powerful classical suite. Moonlight is visually musical and extremely moving. That this film emerges from a poem is not a surprise, and its power has away of sneaking up on you. Jenkins command of the story’s emotional rhythms, and his ability to evoke such power and tenderness through subtly from scene to scene, really demonstrates a true cinematic artist has entered the pantheon, I am excited to see what he does next. To fully feel this film it does require one’s full uninterrupted attention where you allow the story to wash over you. Allow yourself to be relinquished to the filmmaker’s steady and masterful hand, opening the door for a beautiful, poignant, and to me unforgettable, journey. Check it out if you are a cinephile or enjoy indie dramas.