Merchants of Doubt

Why if we have 97% of scientist agree with human caused climate change do we still have debate even in the highest levels of government. Well in the light of know thy enemy, the documentary Merchants Of Doubt puts a face on these industry defending “experts” and their techniques. All the main players are looked at, and it is important people know who they are and the methods they use.
The documentary looks at the how and why a small number of high-profile talking heads have repeatedly pushed against scientific knowledge from one industry to another. Familiarize yourself with this rotating cast of spokes men whose main job is to argue against overwhelming science for big tobacco, big industry and big oil clients. Some surpassing insights arise that even beyond money, the legacy of US history and ideology play apart in keeping not only ignorance alive but also insuring in-action.
Available on Netflix, iTunes, Amazon and Fandango

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