An imaginative rollercoaster ride of a boys-own-adventure in space but with an adult man, who has a particular condition and has found himself in a very unfortunate situation. With Infinite the less you know going in the better. Abandon yourself to every story-crest surprise and be willing to see your ticket out till the end of the ride. Narrator R.C.Bray, pumps just the right amount of energy into the story’s 1st-person narration, and while this is not heavy material it doesn’t shy from sci-fi’s classic existential questions or horrifying otherworldly ideas. There is a playful mischief to Infinite that made it the exact tone I needed coming off some heavier sci-fi reading. It struck the perfect balance of action and adventure without a hurried pace or any short shrift to character development. It resolved so well I may not even take in the sequel. I am reluctant to even slightly mar such a perfect gem of a novel. I will, however, take in more Jeremy Robinson books and am a new fan.

Infinite by Jeremy Robinson

5 Stars

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