Following Amelia Wallenrod, a hardened mercenary on a mission through the outer space colonies in search of the infamous Colonel Kurtz, Hollow is a smart adaptation of Heart of Darkness held together by a solid voice cast that moves at a good pace and sports interesting characters. Leaning on dialogue to paint a vivid but intentionally checkered picture of its untamed and adversarial universe, Hollow’s world-building outshines its plot. Let go of its Heart of darkness in space tagline, and listeners will find a very serviceable foundation laid for an expanded universe.

Fans of shows like The Expanse and Killjoys will feel right at home in Hollow’s danger-laced space frontier, and if familiar with the original story as well as the movie Apocalypse now, one will get a special kick recognizing some of the narrative checkpoints along the way. Having said that, I would have preferred a bit more exposition to clarify the where and when of it all as we very quickly move from one encounter to another. More than a few times I found myself having to rewind and retrace how we got from A to B; however, it did not stand in the way of my enjoyment, and it is a reminder Hollow is an audio drama where attention needs to be paid in full.


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