Game of Thrones: Best Review, Recap and Rewind Shows Online

It’s already mid season for Game Of Thrones and we are starting to feel the injustice of a finale all too near. But we don’t come to TV for justice but rousing entertainment which Game of Thrones Season Four delivers on all fronts for a hungry fan base. And that fan base can match the production with just as creative appreciation, which is why I am listing my top Game of Thrones Web Review and Recap shows for 2014

What The Flick

What The Flick
rises from what would have been a mere honorable mention last year, with their too-short ten minute reviews, to this year being at the top of the list with their forty minute plus recaps. It’s really almost as long as the show itself, and come Monday mornings it keeps me just about as entertained. I don’t know if it’s a job requirement for working at The Young Turk’s channel but most of the TYT show hosts do time talking GoT. Between the laughter and debate they delve into the politics of Westeros, and their tv themed water-cooler style conversation some how stays inline with there political programing. TYT head Cenk Uygur usually takes center couch with his impassioned well-thought out and usually completely wrong predictions. He rarely tempers his enthusiasm for the show, which makes him a fantastic cheerleader the morning after an episode to keep the GoT glow alive. He is flanked by Turner Classic Movies host and What the Flick regular Ben Mankiewizc and Rotten Tomatoes editor in chief Matt Achity (who runs his own GoT podcast). Ana Kasperian takes a turn on the couch every few weeks as well as John Ladarola, another resident book reader along with Achity. Both do an unbelievably fantastic job of adding a little extra info while walking the spoiler free line.

Comic Book Girl 19

Comic Book Girl 19’s extensive book knowledge gives some serious weight to her in depth show recaps or as CBG19 calls it rewinds! She is always fun to watch because no matter what her opinion, and she has plenty of them, she brings plenty of passion, a critical eye and the most fantastic swirl of purple hair to the scene. Talking GoT we are in her wheel house, and she breaks down the world and show perfectly. Be warned though this is not a gush fest, and GoT fans with rose-coloured glasses who can’t take an ounce of criticism of the show should steer clear. CGB19 is not shy to share when she feels deviations from the book work and in her mind when they don’t. On top of her weekly rewinds CGB19 regularly offers bonus videos retracing GoT history and the world of George R.R. Martin. I can’t stress enough that this lady knows her stuff! This year she is offering premium material on House Baratheon. These videos take things to Phd level GoT, and her knowledge accompanied with imaginative and slick production values are easily worth the price of a coffee.

Emergency Awesome

Another book reader turned pro GoT history professor is Charlie Schneider at Emergency Awesome. Not only quick on the recap post show with his top WTF GoT moments but he’s also doing weekly non-spoilery Q and As for the fans – book readers or non alike. While he does a great job of keeping things spoiler free, it doesn’t stop him from speculating where he thinks the show will take things and how characters will evolve in the land of HBO. Relatively new to the recap scene, I discovered Charlie through his brilliant post show recaps and breakdowns of BBC Sherlock season 3.

Schmoes Know

Kristian Harloff and Mark Ellis are two guys with a camera and an opinion, and that’s just enough to keep you watching for the 10 minute recap on the Schmoes Knows YouTube channel. Both pro comedians, the Schmoes lace their short reviews with a bit of frat boy humor peppered with great strokes insight that reminds you these boys have reviewed over a1000 of films on their channel. Dedicated to keeping it real in the critic world, Schmoes strike a good balance between fan boy fervor and tell it like it is attitude reminding us it’s boobs and dragons folks with one hell of a story in between. Given the Schmoe treatment GoT loses none of its sheen in their unpretentious hands, and they add a highlight to Tuesday’s post GoT come downs.

Rotten Tomatoes Game of Throne Podcast

The lone podcast and new one at that Rotten Tomatoes makes up for lack of visuals with compelling GoT discussion that stays enthusiastic even when it moves to more critical areas. Its hosts, a mix of book readers and tv-only watchers, are RT’s editor in chief Matt Achity and fellow tomatoes Ryan Fujitani and Sarah Ricard. This is just a straight up GoT discussion by adults for adults, and that says it all.

These are my top 5 but not doubt there are more out there. Could I be just scratching the surface? Do you have a favorite; leave in the comments below.

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