Degnan Dip

Sometimes I want to just curl up inside a stand-up bass or sail away on a trumpet line. When I had that bassline I knew I had to call Dinah D, and when the trumpet came to me I knew Tina Jones would be right on board.

Recorded at Dinah’s Kale and Bowler hat ranch on Gabriola’s Degnan Bay, we had the ocean at our backs and our gear set up besides piles of hat making felt. It took a a few takes partly due to my recording equipment which decided to take a holiday before committing to the work at hand. Luckily everything came together with enough time before nightfall for a tea and garden tour. I was blessed to have a friend to us all, gifted musician and former Gabriolan Daryl Chonka’s ear on the mix later on Salt Spring Island, and that made for a real island crafted track in every-way.

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