Following on 2004’s electro-dubtronica Neurofibro and last year’s dancefloor-directed 12″ series Warehouse Sessions, Mark Stewart’s second full-length is a gratifying collection of melodic and minimal dub techno. The echos and reverberations are reminiscent of a Deepchord Recording as the slightly subdued and heavily padded bass lines pulse under the delay-thickened analogue charm of Metanarrative’s warm synth and repetitive keys. Its well-executed throb breathes and releases a tension that eventually reaches its most hypnotic and platable pinnacle with the plodding bassline and high hat smacks of “Gone To The Dogs” and the stark beats and simple melodic lace of “Dependants.”
Modern Love –
by Romina Wendell (first published in Exclaim Magazine)

Claro Intelecto