Dark Woods

From well-known tv producer Dick Wolf and Wolf Entertainment, Dark Woods audio series benefits from pro production and a high-caliber voice cast that raise a pretty basic crime drama to greater heights. Inspired by real-life threats to U.S. National Parks, Dark Woods is a grounded crime drama with Corey Stoll as jaded games warden Mark Ellis tasked with solving a murder that hits too close to home. Pairing up with former wife now Councilwoman Laura Romero to uncover who is behind the murder of a young park volunteer, Stoll infuses Ellis with a grounded depth to his increasing desperation to solve the case. Dark Wood’s fictional exploration of criminal activities in a less studied landscape should appeal to true crime fans. The entire cast is excellent and the sound design perfectly underscores Dark Wood’s mounting tension. With everything so well executed, the failure to deliver an end worthy of all the mileage logged left me hopeful it is set up for something grander down the pipe; however, if there is a second season it may only come through its upcoming tv adaptation.

Dark Woods: https://dark-woods.simplecast.com

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