Case 63

Time-traveller or crazy is the mystery unpacked by leads Oscar Issac and Juliane Moore in Gimlet’s latest Spotify original, Case 63. Benefitting by two charismatic leads, the story driver is their back and forth dynamic and was the hook and line that got and kept me engaged in what was otherwise an extended Twilight Zone. Is Dr Eliza Knight’s patient from the year 2062 or not? That we spend 9 episodes to get to an answer means everything is strung together by a fair bit of narrative foreplay. Smartly written dialogue and Issac and Moore’s performances make up for the recycled premise and rudimentary plot. Its Twelve Monkeys meets K-Pax sensibilities works as either intriguing fodder for one’s imagination or an off ramp for a more in-depth story. With no mention of a season 2, its season one resolution pulls enough of the key mystery together for a decent close.


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