Can’t Get You Out Of My Head

Weaving together seemingly disparate storylines from across the globe, “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’s” narrative is a little harder to piece together than “Century of Self “and “Hyper Normalization.” If already an Adam Curtis fan, however, you will feel right at home in his slowburn remix of archival footage and assured narration to recount the political machinations and sociological influences of history. In no rush to make his point, Curtis eases into a thesis and one should not expect to draw any assured conclusions til the alter half of the series. The groundwork will have been laid to see things a little deeper and true to form the journey is as important as destination when it comes to this 6 part docu-series. For those willing to endure slowburn when conclusions are drawn they often register as startling revelations rather than mere outcomes.

Self Aware he is a product of his time in a recent interview, Curtis remarked on his own place within pop culture’s compulsion to reboot/remake everything, “There’s that moment from about 1992 through to 1996 when you started to get things that constantly referred to other things. Reality and the idea of changing reality began to disappear. To be honest, I’m part of the problem too because that’s pretty much when I started taking on bits of archive and slapping them together, in a knowing way.”

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