The Beatrix Generation
Artist: Romina Jones Released: November 24. 2013 Album: The Beatrix Generation Genre: Electronica

The Beatrix Generation is a groove-driven snapshot born of both synth and soul.

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The Beatrix Generation is a product of 5 years of wood-shedding, leaving the city’s edge and going country with music as mate. Five years chopping wood, planting kale, writing beats and looking for harmony, finding it laced to rhythms born under full moons, inside early dawn jams and woven into late night keyboard solos.
Whenever I caught a groove I followed it. Through that journey I found myself reconnecting to a lifetime of listening, sometimes leading me to the sonic palettes of Bluetech, Amon Tobin, The Heliocentrics and Leila Bloom amongst many. The Beatrix Generation is an electric and organic groove-driven snapshot of a musical time and place, born from both synth and soul.
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