Elevation Album Cover
Artist: Romina Jones Released: May 21. 2016 Album: Elevation Genre: Electronica, Dance

Elevation is an energizing and exploratory, groove-friendly and mood-shifting soundscape.

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Energizing and exploratory, Elevation weaves a hypnotic groove through a beat-driven and mood-shifting soundscape. Unbound by genre Elevation renews Jones’ love of thick bass lines, layered rhythms and spontaneous melodies that take the listener on a sonic journey. From the jump-up rhythms of Tweezer to the celebratory groove of Holiday, from the bossa for robots of Palms and Tiaras to the space age dub of Twilight Orange, Elevation moves energetically lifting both feet and spirit through an expansive electronica territory.
Download: rominajones.bandcamp.com/album/elevation
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