A Christmas Carol 2049

A satirical take on Christmas commercialization where the corporation is king and public domain is dead, A Christmas Carol 2049 is breezy, funny, and unapologetically cynical. If you appreciate your holiday cheer with a side dose of social commentary, 2049 reimagines the classic tale set in a future where corporate overlords and employee exploitation rule the day. With some humorous, if ultimately nihilistic twists with faux commercial breaks skewering typical podcast ads, 2049 hits its mark relying on a heavy dose of current pop culture references. It may age out within a few years but it’s on the nose for 2022. The 12 short episodes are as easy to digest as a Christmas cookie but I would have rolled them all into one whole episode. It would have made the commercial parodies flow better. If you have enough of Christmas saccharine and looking for the anti-feel-good but still funny holiday tale give A Christmas Carol 2049 a try.

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