7 Suspects

Seven Suspects came to me via seeing a two sentence review where a listener described it as,

“A perfectly enjoyable, old-fashioned (for all the science talk ;)) whodunnit. Kept me pleasantly entertained during my daily bike ride.” 

That is a near-perfect summation of this locked-door mystery where a jaded but persistent sleuth solves a murder case one phone call at a time. Seven Suspect’s strength is the time given to indulge in each character’s interrogation, and while its predictability, for me at least, undermines much of the suspense, the steady pace and charm of the cast made it an easy play-through. From the same creator of The Oasis Transmissions, 7 Suspects gets a lot of points from me for the ingenuity of the format that spreads a large cast over 10 episodes by confining each to phone call interviews. That sounds dryer than it is but the format did not confine the writer’s narrative imagination. We get off the phone enough to add dynamic to the unraveling mystery and never fall into the found footage trope where every scene must be justified by a recording device. It’s an audio drama made for long distance cast, and all the actors do a great job of pulling it together into an intimate whodunit.

7 Suspects: https://7suspects.buzzsprout.com

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