Adham Shaikh

World Fusionist Adham Shaikh

For Adham Shaikh, music embodies a certain sacredness that defies simplistic divisions of “acoustic” or “electronic.” Desiring to create bridges between different musical styles, within the fused roots of Shaikh’s tribal groove and dub-laced downtempo, he says he hopes to discover “the unpredictable creative thing that as a musician I am always seeking out.” His Fusion cd, consisting of groove-based ambient and dancefloor-driven worldbeat, is an audio illustration of its namesake. His latest CD Collectivity is another audio journey into world rhythms–all of it once again ridden on Shaikh’s joyous beats and polished production.
A lot of people know you as a dj but that’s not your roots?
No, in fact, deejaying came second. I’m a composer I guess first. I was a keyboard player. I played piano since I was about 5 or 6 and did the whole classical training Royal Conservatory things up to grade thirteen. And even got accepted into Queens University…I did 3 years of a music degree and then chose to interpret my composition professor’s statement of how he couldn’t really teach anyone how to compose but could show you how other people compose. But ultimately, if you wanted to find your voice you had to just listen to it. It wasn’t something you were going to learn in school.

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Tomas Jirku pic

Techno Fusionist Tomas Jirku

Where is the place in the photograph on your  homepage?
At the moment that photo is of Pitt Lake and the mountains surrounding it. The photo changes as I update my site, but the tendency for me is to have photos of mountains and the natural surroundings around Vancouver. I think it makes for a great leveler, contrasting against the imagery normally associated with electronic music.

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Technoista: Granny Ark

Granny Ark Producer Michelle Irving, aka Granny Ark, has taken her passion for both experimentation and dancefloor rhythms from Vancouver to Berlin with stops in Halifax and Toronto in between. Currently parking her laptop in Vancouver’s funkified Eastside, finishing new releases for Berlin’s Zora Lanson Records, she is also completing her masters degree from Simon …

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Man at large studio mixer

Dub 101

Originating in Jamaica in the early 70s, evolving from ska and reggae, dub music has emerged as a global sound and historical cornerstone for present day hip hop and electronic music. Both can trace their rhythm-driven roots to dub, which in its most simple and literal sense means the remixing of already existing songs. Osborne …

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Noah Pred headshot

Techno Maverick: Noah Pred

A techno artist, cut in the original mold, dj/ producer, Noah Pred sports a lengthy discography of deep tech house that moves dancefloors from here to Madrid. After three years in Montreal, Pred has returned to the west, unpacked his studio in a small cabin on B.C.s Sunshine Coast and is launching record labels, Sentient Sound …

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Arbutus Label

Arbutus Record’s Kris Palesch

Techno sound hound/dj & label owner Kris Palesch started his techno-driven career 8 years ago in Victoria as both a club DJ and store hand at Boomtown Records. After learning the business from all angles, he and business partner Joanna Zoffmann went on to open Active Pass Records on HastingsSt, which has since evolved into …

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