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Pensado’s, Tools and Takeaways

Christmas came early. I woke with a free VST (software synth) offer on my Facebook wall, some friends know the right gifts. Within 10 minutes I was downloading and my eye wandering the Facebook page. An Arturia Virtual Instrument post touting half price VSTS sat smack in the middle of my page. Underneath it sat a debate I forgot still took hold of some producer’s minds. This seemed a carry over from a little law that exists on many a music producer forums. Thou shall not make an approving post about VSTS without being reminded of the sanctity of knobs and voltage.

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Touchscreen Turntable

Final Product // ATTIGO TT from Scott Hobbs on Vimeo. Are the turntable’s days numbered. Scott Hobbes new prototype touch screen turntable may point to a more rectangular future. Still tablists should have no more fear than a violinist worrying a piano player will replace her. There’s lots of ways to make music, and the concept of a rectangular touch screen presents a new paradigm on sound and its design. With potential to rise above the common plethora of audio tools – more essential than say maracas and chaos pads – it’s worth looking out for it at future NAMMs and Muteks

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Mixer Specs

Mixer Tech Specs a dj the mixer is a fundamental part of the instrument, and all djs are proud of their mixer and at the same time always covet another. Curve control and input reverse switch on all faders -1 segment 3 colour level meters that display CH1&2 or mix with cue fader pre fade monitoring – Transform Switches which can be rotated to work up/down or left/ right – High powered headphone output with level and mute switch. – 4 RCA inputs (2 line and 2 phono switchable to line) with gain control on each input- Balanced XLR outputs with multi-point VCA master control, linkout and session in – 2 Mic channels with XLR inputs, 3 bans eq with HPF and gain controls on …

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