Wolf Watch with Nat Geo

National Geographic’s YouTube Channel did a recent feature on coastal wolves. For me, a resident in west coast wolf territory, it feels a bit like a few locals getting some celebrity attention. The series follows wildlife documentarian Bertie Gregory through his three months into the wild meeting and filming numerous west coast creatures, from bald eagles to orca, as he seeks to capture footage of the elusive coastal wolf.

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American Flag

Kool-Aide A Coming

We are now in the aftermath of the 2016 Trumpsterfuck. And though I am not really a cynic, I know because the human condition craves peace of mind, people will start to drink the Kool-Aid pretty fast. Normalizing and thus legitimatizing Trump has already begun. “Oh no he’s not going to do what he said, he didn’t really mean that.” As Maya Angelou said, “When people show who they are, believe them.” Resist co-option and normalization. When he does the late-night talk show circuit, and you start laugh at Fraudster-Elect’s jokes, your signature starts to form on what just under half the American public has given him license to do. Remember this is a man who wants to ban people of a certain religion from …

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Still Confused But Ready For Real Talk

You said you wanted change and now you got it. Now it’s happened. The earth shook beneath your feet and now you need to figure out how you’re going to survive. First let me say please take the time to move through your emotions. Cry, pound the ground, talk to your friends, you need to process the shock. Find your safe space or sanctuary of operations; and if have it, try and offer it to others. No matter the conditions kindness is always worth more than gold. It’s ok to regroup. Maybe you need a week maybe a month but please give yourself a deadline. Because I’m serious, in the words of Ari Fitz, “We need you!” Like any earthquake there are aftershocks that are …

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Jazz Bass

Coffee And Jazz Online Playlist

No you don’t have to drink coffee but if you need to get your perk up and groove on, might I point you to the Romina Jones Coffee And Jazz playlist. It might slide in on the skim of a drum stick or arrive on a jingle of a high hat but this is caffeinated groove with just the right amount of sugar and spice. You are going to have a hard time keeping those feet on the floor, so this playlist might be best for denizens of standing desks or open spaces where you can easily slide off the stool and move your feet. On Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/collection/cW6SHB

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