Romina at piano

Streaming on Spotify and Deezer

Elevation is now streaming on most major streaming platforms. Many of the albums tracks are a great adds to uplifting get your groove on playlists while others lend themselves to moodier, dubbier and more experimental collections. For those who want to own the real deal the entire album Elevation is available for free download on Bandcamp. Stream on Soundcloud, GooglePlay, Deezer, Jango, & Spotify Download:

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Another Version Of You

A well paced and imaginatively put together walk through American television history with one of its most influential writers producers, Norman Lear, the doc “Norman Lear: Just Another Version of You” is well worth a watch for cultural and entertainment history fans. While Lear is famous for being the godfather of topical television in the form of All In The Family and Maude, he remained a pioneer in many aspects of life both in politics and art. Moving through America’s shifting cultural and political landscape through the 60s and 70s, the documentary touches upon so many fascinating parts of American history. Feminism, bigotry and inter-generational conflict were put under Lear’s satirical lens that aimed to open minds through laughter and empathy. Not always perfect, he …

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Moonlight Must See

They’re right. Moonlight is a masterpiece. It starts out small but compelling and with each mounting scene reveals a true mastery of film-making and story-telling technique. Director, Barry Jenkins, behind the camera is maestro-like, conducting a beautiful and powerful classical suite. Moonlight is visually musical and extremely moving. That this film emerges from a poem is not a surprise, and its power has away of sneaking up on you. Jenkins command of the story’s emotional rhythms, and his ability to evoke such power and tenderness through subtly from scene to scene, really demonstrates a true cinematic artist has entered the pantheon, I am excited to see what he does next. To fully feel this film it does require one’s full uninterrupted attention where you allow …

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Merchants of Doubt

Why if we have 97% of scientist agree with human caused climate change do we still have debate even in the highest levels of government. Well in the light of know thy enemy, the documentary Merchants Of Doubt puts a face on these industry defending “experts” and their techniques. All the main players are looked at, and it is important people know who they are and the methods they use. The documentary looks at the how and why a small number of high-profile talking heads have repeatedly pushed against scientific knowledge from one industry to another. Familiarize yourself with this rotating cast of spokes men whose main job is to argue against overwhelming science for big tobacco, big industry and big oil clients. Some surpassing …

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Red State Blue State

Let’s Just Get This Straight

People have been doing a lot of theorizing and philosophizing to cope with the United States’ presidential election and its outcome. Many people couldn’t and wouldn’t believe what they had witnessed. The ideals of authoritarianism and white nationalism were moving into the White House 2017, and Liberals were stunned that a Muslim registry, wall building, waterboarding and rights revoking would continue to be part of the national discourse at even greater threat. Tuesday November 8th, a loud-mouth ex-reality tv star and world famous braggart, facing both fraud and sexual assault charges, had won the presidency of the United States; and Donald J Trump did it not by having the most votes but instead by having them in the right places. His victory was the product …

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