I like a dry kick that goes to the gut and synth leads where you can taste the voltage. I like my high hats psychedelic and rhythms upon rhythm upon rhythm that can only take flight from a spinning drum. I like notes that edge on to others and phat basslines, that build and descend into the deep and low-end of funk. I like music that strikes a mood, makes you smile and causes your feet to start to move.

The Cue to Create

Romina at mix desk

Bandcamp just launched a new service that allows fans to subscribe to artists on a monthly basis. Looking to expand the avenues of artist compensation as music earnings move away from sales into subscription models, Bandcamp enters the 21st century patron space with one of the biggest rosters of indie artists online. Bobby Oswinski wrote… Read More

Listening To Spring 2014

album cover

As the winds of March have blown through to April’s showers my indoor studio time winds down. Before I depart to embrace the sunlight of spring I wanted to share and pay due to the uptempo and downtempo releases that have been audio company for the last few weeks.… Read More

Digital Streams

Romina at turntables

Seeking digital streams where content and community come together, over the past few months  The Beatrix Generation has become available on different streaming sites; Jango, LastFM and Earbits as well as the Hip Hop  leaning, but open to new electronica, Audio Mack. These one-stop audio drops offer free and premium streaming services that let you… Read More